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Help us sow some Seeds of Change at our second annual spring party. And what better place than Park City Brewery to bring together our community gardeners and supporters for some

good beer, good food, good music, and a great time? All while raising money to help support our programs at the community garden!

Join us for live music by local artist Alicia Stockman, amazing local craft beer, slow-cooked gourmet street food, and being together with people that love to play in the dirt. Overalls optional.

Sunday, May 6th 4:00-7:00pm
Must be 21 to attend.

Tickets available for $35, $60, $95 or $250. And don’t forget to buy your opportunity drawing tickets today!

Click Here to Buy Tickets

Proceeds go directly to the Summit Community Gardens to help us provide an amazing garden space, teach kids’ camps, donate fresh produce to those in need, and offer plots for our community.


Alicia Stockman opens for the Portland, Oregon-based Americana Folk/Rock band The Talbott Brothers.

Tickets: $10
Friday, February 9, 2018
Doors at 7:00 | Music at 8:00
This venue is 21 and over


O.P. Rockwell
268 Main Street
Park City, UT, 84060


The Talbott Brothers are an Americana Folk/Rock band based in Portland, Oregon. Nick and Tyler form an alternative sound that balances sibling-blood-harmonies with their instrumental ensemble of guitars, mandolin, harmonicas and percussion. Their entertaining effect on stage is embraced by multiple generations, as they are known for charming and energetic performances that blend singer-songwriter styles with folk, rock and pop.

In a cold, snow-covered winter back in 2012, The Talbott Brothers found themselves half a country away from home with nothing but a couple guitars, an old beat-up kick drum and an electric piano with some broken keys. Playing to rooms of 5 people and living out of a 4-door Chevy Impala hadn’t been their idea of a successful first tour. But hearing the inspiring stories of those they met each night and watching the sunrise over the vehicle dashboard each morning was just what the small town Nebraska boys needed to press on and be reminded of a bigger purpose. Amidst the Leaving Home tour, a 27 show run from Omaha to New York City, The Talbott Brothers found inspiration for what would become their debut album the following year; The Road.

After a successful crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign funded their studio time to create The Road, Nick and Tyler took their new music across America both as the duo and with their band, spending over 150 days per year traveling city to city. Only this time, they’d graduated from an Impala to a van they found on Craigslist in St. Louis named Goldie. With over 400 shows under their belts and enough songs for a new record, The Talbott Brothers headed to Omaha, NE in 2015 to record their sophomore album, Places. 2017 marks the release of The Talbott Brothers’ third full-length studio album – Gray (February 10, 2017). Honest, organic and vulnerable, the album is driven by warm, melodic vocals, diverse instrumentation and authentic storytelling. With the album’s release, the brothers experienced more deeply what it means to submerse themselves in their songwriting, spending four months off the road in their new home base of Portland, Oregon. “We weren’t just road dogs anymore,” Tyler said. “For the last 3 years we’ve been out playing music for new friends and listeners across the country. But, while we were writing Gray, we were learning how to take it slow again. Maybe we just needed a lesson in being human.”

“I think most times we wish our circumstances were more black and white, or that the answers seemed easy and clear. It’s often in the gray area where we face the greatest trials, and come out better refined on the other side. There’s so much you can miss out on when you get caught up in the grind and routine of things.” Nick stated.

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