House Concerts

All the things you love about live music, in your very own living room. Host a house concert for you and your friends and bring the live music experience home.

What is a house concert?

A house concert, simply put, is a private concert in the comfort of your home, yard, basement, or any space you’d want to host a group of people to listen to live, original music performed by an independent artist (or artists). The important thing about a house concert is that it’s a listening environment, not a party with music in the background. As the host, you invite at least 15 guests, be they friends, co-workers, neighbors, or fellow music-lovers. Invite as many people as you feel comfortable hosting in your home or venue. A house concert is a fantastic way to meet and get to know the artist, listen to original music in an intimate setting, and support an independent musician.

How much does it cost?

To the host, there is no cost. What works best is asking guests to provide a donation to the artist. The donation is at the guest’s discretion, but $10-$15 per attendee is recommended. The artist can sell CDs and merchandise as an additional income opportunity.

Some hosts will offer a dinner or potluck before or after the concert to offer further opportunity for the artist to mingle with attendees.

What kind of space do you need? I don’t have a stage or anything…

You don’t need anything fancy or high-tech for a house concert. No living room or backyard is too small for a private concert for your friends. Oftentimes, I will play acoustically as long as everyone can hear. I will provide a compact sound system if amplification is needed. If you’re worried about seating, you can always ask guests to bring their own camp chair.

Ok, I’m interested in being a House Concert Host! Now what?

Great! First, download my handy guide below to answer further questions about being a house concert host. I am more than happy to help facilitate the planning and preparations for your event. Please contact me and we’ll set a date and start planning! Don’t hesitate if you have further questions about hosting!